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Up to three, 30-45 minute, individual coaching sessions each month, scheduled coaching check-ins and up to one unscheduled advisory are included with the monthly coaching package.

The most powerful component of business / career coaching is the individual session.  This requires pre-work on the part of both client and coach as well as post-session work on the part of the client.  Each individual coaching session includes detailed call notes.

Coaching is via telephone / Skype

coaching is via telephone

  • The structure / environment for coaching is only telephone-by-appointment or audio-Skype-by-appointment.
  • This allows for flexible scheduling of coaching sessions  7 days a week from 7:00 am EST through 9:00 pm EST.
    • Coaching can take place anywhere and anytime.

Three types of coaching

There are three types of individual coaching sessions:

  1. Scheduled formal coaching sessions
  2. Scheduled check-in coaching sessions
  3. Unscheduled advisories

Scheduled formal coaching sessions

scheduled formal coaching sessions


Individual coaching sessions provide a private one-on-one forum for the business, career and personal development and facilitated strategic thinking around business, career and personal goals and challenges.  The focus of each call is created in collaboration with you, the client, and not based on a pre-fabricated curriculum as with group coaching or "program" coaching services where the coach tries to fit you into the service instead of focusing on your needs and aspirations.

Three 30-45-minute coaching sessions per month are included with the monthly coaching package.

Scheduled check-in coaching sessions

coaching gets you going in the right direction

Most people find the critical times in their life -- the times when things pivot -- happen outside a scheduled coaching session.  Since coaching is done on phone (and most people carry their phone with them), your coach is always ready to go. 

Examples of the power of a scheduled coaching check-in include:

  • a conversation at 3 pm on a Sunday afternoon right before that difficult conversation with your spouse that you have planned to have
  • a conversation after you wake up in the morning to see how your morning meditation went
  • a conversation at a potential employer's reception room to review your strategy right before that key interview
  • a conversation about why sobriety is important to you while you are sitting in your car waiting to go into your first AA meeting at 8 pm on a Friday night

Coaching check-ins help you stay on track and increase accountability.

Check-ins do not include documentation.  Scheduled coaching check-in sessions are included with the monthly coaching package.

Unscheduled Advisories ™

unscheduled emergency coaching sessions

 "Life happens" and when you least expect it you face an obstacle, challenge or roadblock.

Just send a text message or email with either the first word or subject as "SOS" followed by your message and I will contact you for either a brief check-in or full session to address your need.  Depending on my schedule and availability to shift appointments it will be shortly after the message and within 24 hours.   Coaching notes are typically dictated by the length and focus of the call.  Check-ins do not include documentation but longer calls may.  Up to one unscheduled advisory coaching session each month is included with the monthly coaching package.

Individual coaching session investment

coaching investment

  • One 45-minute scheduled coaching session is $325. (Unscheduled Advisory™ is $450).
  • One 10-15 minute scheduled coaching check-in is $150. (Unscheduled Advisory is $200).
  • You can pay for coaching sessions with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express or bank draft (EFT).  You can also pay with PayPal.
  • Up to three, 30-45 minute, individual coaching sessions each month, scheduled coaching check-ins and up to one unscheduled advisory are included with the monthly coaching package.

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