You Wrote a Book. Now What?!

Congratulations!  You wrote a book.  That is a big achievement and required much discipline, effort and focus.

But your writing is not over! (But only if you want your book to sell.  If you are happy with your book collecting dust and not selling a single copy, you don't have to do anything!)


Even great books require marketing

You need to let the world know about your book.  You need to let the world know why your book is important.  You need to let the world know what they will get from you book.

Marketing is the key word here.  And, in this information-driven world, that means one thing for you:  more writing.  Except this time you aren't focused on writing a book.  Your writing is about the book. 

Blog posts.  Press releases.  Infographics.  Twitter posts.  Not to mention a website for the book!


You have two decisions to make about marketing your book

  • The first is, "Should I download the Book Marketing Checklist?"
  • And the second is , "Should I go with a static or dynamic book marketing strategy?"

Should you download the Book Marketing Checklist?

Absolutely.  You won't get any junk mail or subscriptions to unsubscribe from.  You will get an email with a link to the Book Marketing Checklist.

Should you go with a static or dynamic book marketing strategy?

That is a critical question and is one only you can answer.  Or do a "test drive" and I will coach you through those decisions.  Once I wrote over 10 books (and actually I should have switched strategies after writing more than 2) I decided a static marketing strategy was a better use of my time and a higher return on my investment.  So no social media (except for my Goodreads page) as that is a dynamic strategy.  And lots of infographics (as that is a static strategy).


Download the Book Marketing Checklist

Fill out the form below.  A link to download a marketing checklist for your ebook.


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