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Coaching Question:  How do you make decisions?

Decision Making Style Inventory - The statements in this self-assessment describe how individuals go about making important decisions. Read each statement in this decision making style inventory and indicate the extent to which you personally agree or disagree with the statement. Answer each item as truthfully as possible so that you get an accurate estimate of your decision making style.

Coaching Concept:  How well do you lead yourself?

Assess Your Self-Leadership - This self-assessment is designed to estimate your self-leadership tendencies. Self-leadership refers to the process of influencing yourself to establish the self-direction and self-motivation needed to perform a task.

Life Coaching Variable:  Locus of Control

Identify Your Locus of Control  - This self assessment will help you see if you are internal or externally oriented

Coaching is Ultimately about... Happiness

Happiness Test - How happy are you?

The Key to Reaching Your Goals:  Self Efficacy

General Self-Efficacy - This questionnaire measures general self-efficacy which is your belief that you can handle situations so as to successfully attain your goals.

An Environmental Variable in Coaching:  Your Need for Structure

Personal Need for Structure Scale - Some people need to "make sense" of things around them more quickly or completely than do other people. This personal need for perceptual structure relates to selective attention as well as perceptual organization and interpretation. This self-assessment is designed to help you to estimate your personal need for perceptual structure.

Are You Really Ready for the Change that Coaching Brings?

Tolerance of Change Scale - This self-assessment estimates your tolerance of change.

Confidence, related to Self-efficacy is another Key to Reaching Your Goals

How Confident Are You? - Does your self-confidence affect your ability to perform? Take this short quiz and find out.

How's Your Guanxi?

Guanxi Orientation Scale - Guanxi, which is translated as interpersonal connections, is an important element of doing business in China and some other Asian countries with strong Confucian cultural values. Guanxi is based on traditional Confucian values of helping others without expecting future repayment. In the US, this is closest to the concept of "paying it forward".

Are you Going it Alone or with a Team?

Team Roles Preferences Scale - This self-assessment is designed to help you to identify your preferred roles in meetings and similar team activities. Some roles helps focus the team on its objectives, such as giving and seeking information, elaborating ideas, coordinating activities, and summarizing the discussion or past events.

Are Your and Individualist or a Collectivist?

Individualism-Collectivism Scale - Cross-cultural values have become an important part of organizational life due to globalization and an increasingly multicultural workforce. Organizational behavior researchers have studied several cross-cultural values, but none has had as much attention as the two measured in this self-assessment: individualism and collectivism.

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